Bangladeshi arrested for pushing women into prostitution

14 سبتمبر, 2014 06:57 ص

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KUWAIT CITY, Sep 13: Officers from Jleeb Al-Shoyoukh Police Station have arrested a Bangladeshi man who detained some Asian women in his apartment and forced them into prostitution, while the officers liberated the women from the den, reports Al-Rai daily. One of the victim captives, who managed to escape, reported the incident to the police. She revealed that the man kept them in bondage under the pretext of shielding them from arrest for Residency Law violation. She said the suspect forced them to engage in immoral activities in exchange for money. The suspect and his victims are in police custody for further investigation and legal procedures.

Workers at public cafe arrested for showing pornographic films: Some workers at a public cafÈ in Salmiya were arrested for showing pornographic films to their customers late at night, reports Al-Rai daily. An officer, who was clad in sportswear, was strolling in the area when he noticed many people entering the cafÈ through the side door. He got suspicious so he checked inside and he discovered the customers were watching pornographic film. He quickly notified the Criminal Detectives Department which dispatched a team of officers to the place, leading to the arrest of the workers.

During interrogation, the suspects confessed that they usually show such films to certain customers late at night since they no longer have access to satellite channels where they could watch similar films. When the owner of the cafÈ was summoned, he declared that he was not aware of such activities as he entrusted management of the place to other people. The officers left the owner off the hook while the arrested workers are still under investigation.


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