Britain to hunt down Haines’ killers

14 سبتمبر, 2014 09:35 م

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LONDON, Sept 14, (Agencies): The Islamic State’s beheading of another Western hostage has strengthened the resolve of a US-led coalition ahead of a Paris conference Monday on how to jointly eliminate the jihadist group. Prime Minister David Cameron vowed on Sunday Britain would hunt down the killers of British aid worker David Haines, an act he described as the “embodiment of evil”.

Britain was prepared to “take whatever steps are necessary”, he said, after Haines became the third Western hostage to be beheaded by the militants in less than a month. IS released a video Saturday showing Haines’ killing and a death threat against another British captive, Alan Henning. President Barack Obama offered US support for its “ally in grief”.

A grim-faced Cameron said in a televised statement: “We will hunt down those responsible and bring them to justice, no matter how long it takes. “Step by step we must drive back, dismantle and ultimately destroy ISIL (IS) and what it stands for. We will do so in a calm, deliberate way but with an iron determination. “We will not do so on our own, but by working closely with our allies, not just the United States and in Europe, but with our allies in the region.” Cameron is facing growing pressure at home to take military action against IS, but he made no commitment to joining the United States in launching air strikes on the group in northern Iraq and Syria.

Britain began sending weapons this week to Kurdish fighters battling the militants in northern Iraq, but has faced accusations of confusion over its strategy.


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