ICM said to be against int’l alliance to fight IS

14 سبتمبر, 2014 06:50 ص

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KUWAIT CITY, Sep 13: After its approval during a recent cabinet meeting earlier this week, the government has referred its amendment to the labor law, regarding replacing the term “domestic worker” to “servant” and “private domestic workers” to private servants,” in every law that contain these terms to the national assembly.

But the government immediately withdrew the amendment to avoid any complications that might arise from objections of international human rights organizations regarding terminologies used in legislations. In another development, sources close to the Islamic constitutional movement (ICM or Hads) revealed that despite the contrast between the movement’s ideology and ISIL’s, it does not approve of the formation of an international alliance against it, nor does it approve any military movements that results from the alliance.

Sources added that ICM intends to release an official statement advising the state of Kuwait to refrain from joining the alliance or offering any financial or military aid, similar to the statement released by the Muslim brotherhood in Jordan on the same subject. Meanwhile, MP Nabil Al-Fadhel denounced a statement credited to the Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs Khalid Al-Jarallah recently which said the ministry does not have the prerogative to prevent any citizen from joining Islamist militant group DAESH, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.

MP Al-Fadhel urged government to strip anybody who joins DAESH of the citizenship after verification and confirmation of the membership. He begged to desist from the impression created by Al-Jarallah that the country could not prevent citizens from joining the terrorist group.

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