Iranian ‘fire’ is burning Houthi

15 سبتمبر, 2014 05:48 ص

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DOES Abdul Malik Al-Houthi think his terrorist acts will frighten Yemenis? Does he think his effort to follow the Lebanese Hezbollah’s example of organizing a sit-in or closing roads will make him control State decisions? Does he think millions of Yemenis will just stand as spectators while this is happening? Has he forgotten the history of this nation which firmly stood against aggressors, expelled them and foiled conspiracies against the country?

If Al-Houthi believes all this, then he is hallucinating. He will hallucinate more once he thinks that Yemen will become another Somalia. He should not think that political repositioning measures, which come before political settlements and after the internal crisis, mean letting go of a nation whose people are united under a new federalism which will make him persist in changing the State under the pretext of responding to national demands.

Al-Houthi has rejected the measures which can be understood easily without resorting to threatening stability of the country and pushing matters back to square one. This is what the political forces have announced, even the opposition. They stood with the State in denouncing and rejecting the practices of Al-Houthi and his group. They participated in a huge demonstration amongst millions of people who faced several thousands of Al-Houthi’s supporters who gathered in a public square.

It is now up to Al-Houthi to understand that the current situation in the region is exceptional and some countries are facing threats. With the formation of the new global coalition against terrorism, there will never be any chance to instigate chaos, especially if the interests of neighboring countries are threatened.

He should not deceive himself by thinking that the world will not protect its interests under the pretext of defending human rights. The time for this kind of bargaining chip ended long ago, particularly since the Ansarullah Movement is not different from the groups targeted by the new global coalition against terrorism.

Most countries in the region have realized this truth so they are now focusing on reasons behind the big explosion since the beginning of the Yemeni crisis. They are keen on putting Yemen back on the right path through the Gulf initiative. The country will not last without this historic initiative.

Moreover, President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi is the best person to lead this phase due to his prominent status in the hearts of all Yemenis. Nobody can deny his moderate principle which led to a national dialogue whose results became the basis for a strong and stable Yemen.

As expected, Iran rejected the settlement move because it lost the chance to interfere in the affairs of Yemen; so it has provoked Al-Houthi to protest against this move. Iran became isolated after the announcement of an international alliance for controlling terrorism. It now feels the knife pointed at the necks of its groups in the region, because any sensible person will not accept the movements which played a key role in spreading doctrinal extremism. These movements have been involved in illegal activities to instigate sectarian conflict.

If the first phase of the project of the international alliance is to destroy DAESH, the second phase will be to get rid of the followers of Iran to prevent the transformation of the war against terrorism into a new source of sectarian enmity. Nevertheless, if this war is considered the initiative of a certain sect; then the sectarian war may last for one hundred years.

Iran must realize this before the situation gets out of hand. It should not provoke the outlaws in Yemen to make the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia weak by provoking its people in the South, especially after the failure to implement its plan in Bahrain where the eastern part of the Kingdom was the target. It should not imagine that it could unmark borders of the new power or an Iranian Sykes-Picot as it acts foolishly, moving towards the chasm of suicide; because the nations in the region are ready to defend themselves until death. They will not allow Iran or any other country to threaten their stability. Under such circumstances, the magic of dividing the region may work against the Iranian magician.


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